What is NFPSS?

Nipissing Family Peer Support Services is committed to providing a confidential and comfortable atmosphere for family members and friends who have loved ones with mental health issues,  to share support and services with each other.

Feel free to search our website for details on our program’s services.


The Nipissing Family Peer Support Services comprises members caring for a loved one with a mental health issue.  Promoting healthy family units and holistic wellness through education, advocacy, information sharing and peer support, we encourage growth and healing in a safe and confidential place.  In collaboration with our local and regional partners, we provide opportunities for personal development and ensure our members’ voices are heard by those who influence change.  With honesty, integrity and inclusiveness, we strive to facilitate communication between families, mental health caregivers and the community to support members’ loved ones during treatment, recovery and return to their lifestyle.


We, the members of Nipissing Family Peer Support Service,  participants, volunteers and staff, do hereby pledge our sincere intent towards wellness for ourselves, our families, our community and our society, and to this end we recognize adversity and prosperity.

We shall err on the side of virtue and know that this is the ethical path from which we will work, live and love together as a village of sisters and brothers!

Board of Directors

  • Anne Durette
  • Stephen Dean
  • Christine Butler
  • Susan Peters
  • George Hughie
  • Amanda Nicholas
  • Jack Jones
  • Joe Robidoux
  • Ken Porter