Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, give us a call! Our Peer Support Specialist will discuss your needs, your ability and means to travel as well as your location and then tie this in to our Outreach Support. In your case, there are two regular opportunities to meet with you in Mattawa every month or special arrangements can be made if necessary. Don’t hesitate to connect with us though. We are resourceful and flexible and can usually tailor an Outreach plan to meet your needs.

If your loved one is in mental health crisis then it is always advisable to seek help. The Crisis Support program at the NBRHC (North Bay Regional Health Centre) is certainly available to you if your more traditional community-based services are either closed for the business day or unable to meet your immediate needs. We are pleased to be able to offer you and your loved one Peer Support and Navigation services at the Emergency Department of the hospital. The hours that we have a support worker available are:

Mon – Fri from 1400h to 2100h and Saturday/Sunday from 1500h to 2000h.

As well as the hospital-based Peer Support service, we are able to work with you on a first-come, first-served basis for supports during your critical time, although these services and staff are available only on weekdays from 0830h through 1630h.

We try to offer a NAMI 12 week course once per year. These courses require 2 instructors, both volunteers who are also family members and who have been trained to deliver the course. This means that we are often having to adjust scheduling to ensure that we have the core resources available to offer an uninterrupted run of the programming.

There is usually a wait list that begins to gather names as soon as the last course finishes, so we strongly suggest that you call our Peer Support Specialist at 705.494.4774 x226 as soon as possible to have your name entered. Information regarding start times will be shared as soon as we are able to lock the dates in. All NAMI courses run at our main office in North Bay. We do not offer NAMI in an Outreach capacity.

For more information on our NAMI course offering, please click here.